About me

Hello everybody. I work as a carpenter. However music was my first love.

What can you expect to find on this blog?
Mostly: progressive rock, krautrock, experimental rock. Other styles possible here: jazz rock, blues rock, electronic, experimental rock, classic rock, psychedelic rock, 70s movies' soundtracks. Among 70s music styles I despise punk only.

For whom this blog tolls?
Probably seventies music freaks only and those who want to discover unknown 70s gems. No mainstream bands like Deep Purple, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, Black Sabbath, Abba, Yes or Genesis.

So are there going to be any mainstream albums posted?
Just a few. Bootlegs' releases of famous 70s bands might appear. I have also a bunch of 70s vinyl singles that cover many styles including rock, pop and disco music. Ripping vinyl is a fun for me so I won't avoid it. I'll concentrate on stuff released between 1970 - 1979. I'm going to present some important albums from 1969 as well.

File formats I use: mp3, ogg.

I'm going to type a few words of review to each album. Look for my words of wisdom in comments.

My favorite movie director, as you can guess, is John Carpenter.

 My workshop.